About This Blog

I am beginning this blog primarily as a public space where I can work through ideas about my dissertation. It may become something much more later, but I want to use it as a place where I engage my thoughts and feelings about my project in a somewhat raw and less‑filtered format. Today’s budding academic must be careful about what he or she puts on the web, lest they sabotage their chances to land a job in an increasingly competitive and down right cutthroat market. Nonetheless, I think I can directly address my responses to my project, whether I am feeling frustrated, rightously angry, or overflowing with a warm and fuzzy sense of accomplishment, without worrying that being honest will come back to bite me later. With any luck, this blog will serve as a record of what to do or what not to do for bright eyed, young adults (and even not so young ones like me) who are thinking about braving the salty seas of the humanities.
Because I am also keenly interested in the world around me, I will also occasionally write about topics far beyond the scope of my dissertation, both to keep me sane when I can’t think about my project for another minute and to hone my writing and analytical skills (or lack of them!) Regardless of whether I am writing about my dissertation or something else, please feel free to comment on a post that sparks your interest. Also, please do not take offense if it takes me a while to respond to a comment. Like everyone, I have obligations that may keep me from checking my blog as regularly as I would like. Also, my dissertation isn’t going to write itself!